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I've known what I wanted to do since I was 12 years old. Snooping in a dusty school closet, I unearthed an old film enlarger and an ancient reel to reel video setup. Through the encouragement of wonderful and patient teachers and parents, I've been very lucky to follow my passion from an early age.

Professional Journey

My formal education was in television production. Entering the television world at the very bottom of the ladder, I was able chart a course that detoured through motion graphic design. 3D and 2D animation was a surprising vocation, but one that has been a welcome skill to add to my creative quiver. Eventually striking out on my own allowed me to continue to develop as a photographer, while maintaining a healthy business serving clients' design needs. The circle has become complete as technology has democratized video production. I maintain a full suite of production equipment and post production facilities to meet almost any creative challenge.

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